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Moisture Meter Repair and Calibration

Skipper Whether you use your instruments to earn a living, or to care for your own pride and joy, you’ll want to keep them in full working order and properly calibrated.

Modern instruments like the Tramex Skipper Plus are extremely reliable in service, and should require little maintenance beyond occasional battery replacement. Careful circuit design with the use of CMOS technology, stabilised voltage rails and crystal-controlled oscillators means that re-calibration is rarely, if ever required. Nevertheless, we recommend that instruments be returned periodically for a calibration check. It’s also a good idea to check your meter occasionally against a hardwood or glassfibre reference piece kept in a dry place. Better still, Tramex now provides dedicated Calibration Check Boxes so that users can quickly and easily check the calibration of their own instruments whenever they like. (Please see prices below).

However, with constant use, the soft rubber electrodes on Tramex meters eventually loose their fine surface pattern, becoming worn and shiny like those in the picture below. This will noticeably reduce the instruments sensitivity to moisture. Similarly, the coaxial cables on older Sovereign meters can fail, whilst the scanning heads themselves will become worn. And of course meters can easily be damaged whilst in use, or even dropped into the water!
  Thankfully, the majority of components can be quickly and economically replaced, restoring your meter to full working order – even if it is ten years old or more! And if you’re pushed for time, we can even provide a ‘Courtesy Meter’ for a small charge whilst yours is being fixed.

Whilst there are no formal ‘Standards’ as such for moisture meter calibration, we can undertake periodic re-calibration checks on your behalf, and will issue a manufacturers calibration certificate, valid for one year. We also stock replacement parts for Barcol Impressers, and can repair and re-calibrate these to original specification. Most other instruments can be returned to their respective manufacturers for more specialist attention.

Skipper Circuit Board Sample prices are provided below, but please do not hesitate to call for more specific information, or advice on repair or calibration
Skipper Plus Calibration Check Box to check your own meter
(£32.50 if ordered with a Skipper Meter)
Calibration Check with Calibration Certificate
(Skipper & Skipper Plus).
Replace Electrodes and Check Calibration. £50.00
Replace Moving Coil Meter and Check Calibration
(Skipper & Skipper Plus).
Replace Complete Circuit Board (Skipper Plus). £POA
Standard Barcol Impresser Tests Disks (for 934-1 and 935 models) £11.50 each
GYZJ-6-5 Indenter Point for 934/935 Barcol Impresser £92.50 each
GYZJ-67 Indenter Point for 936 Barcol Impresser (Special Offer - limited to stock) £69.00 each
Please note that we can obtain genuine parts for Barcol Impressers, however prices tend to be prohibitive. We also have some second-hand stock.
Prices above include VAT but exclude postage

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