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Moisture Meters for Timber and Other Materials

Most electronic moisture meters on sale today are derived from instruments used in the construction industry. Consequently, the timber scales on these meters are usually calibrated for Douglas Fir or Sitka Spruce, as these softwoods are used almost universally in the construction industry. Surprisingly, the properties of the timber from any one species of tree vary very little regardless of where in the world that tree is grown.

For the purposes of moisture measurement, the main distinguishing feature of timbers is their density, which is directly linked to moisture content expressed as a percentage of their weight. The most advanced instruments, such as the Tramex Survey Encounter are programmed to calculate moisture content automatically, simply by selecting the appropriate species of timber. Custom species may also be added if required. Other instruments, such as the Tramex Professional come with a simple conversion chart, which allows calculation of moisture content from the readings given.

Tramex Professional PTM 2.0

Tramex Professional Meter for Timber

If you work mainly with timber, there are many situations where a good probe meter still gives the quickest and most accurate measurement of moisture content. Whilst these meters are necessarily ‘destructive’ in operation, they are nonetheless ideal for checking new timbers and joinery in some dirty environments.

The most popular of these meters is the Tramex Professional, (pictured left), which provides a clear digital readout from 8 to 40% H2O in 0.1% increments, and is housed in a durable die cast aluminium case. Other features include a ‘Hold’ facility for working in awkward spaces, and automatic switch off to maximise battery life. For those who prefer an ‘analogue’ display, the Tramex Compact provides similar functionality at a very attractive price.

Both the Professional and Compact meters have a socket for “Hammer” type probes, which are available separately. Replacement pins and extended pins are also available from stock


Tramex Professional Digital Probe Meter PTM 2.0 £335.00 inclusive (£279.16 + VAT)
Tramex Compact Analogue Moisture Meter   No Longer Available 
(Limited to stock) 

Please enquire for prices of replacement pins and hammer electrode kits.

Tramex Survey Encounter

Tramex Digital Survey Encounter

Awaiting new model.


Please call for current prices. 

Moisture Meters for the Construction Industry


Tramex Concrete Encounter Plus (CME4):

Tramex Concrete Encounter The Concrete Encounter is primarily designed for the construction and flooring industries, where premature installation of synthetic flooring can result in costly failures, whilst unnecessary delays waste time and money. The Concrete Encounter helps to avoid these problems by quickly showing whether newly laid concrete floors are dry enough for flooring systems to be installed. The CRE+ may also be used on ferro cement marine structures in areas clear of metal reinforcements. This instrument is extremely easy to use, and can be used by all operatives with minimal training.


£399.00 Inclusive (£332.50 + VAT)

Please enquire about the Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus, Dec Scanner and other instruments from the range.
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